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Why Patients Are Choosing Direct Primary Care Providers

Exceptional healthcare begins with you and your story. Direct Primary Care Providers' vision of healthcare takes a whole-person, whole-life approach, built on a personalized care plan that closely aligns with your needs and your goals.

What is Direct Primary Care (DCP)?

Direct primary care helps Medical Providers better care for their patients by removing all the barriers that were in place with traditional medical practice models and provides patients with more direct attention from their physician when they need it.

Building a relationship with your doctor is nothing revolutionary; it’s just the best path to better health.

By working directly with patients and cutting out the middleman, DPC Providers are able to lower costs while simultaneously improving access to care by providing more time to patients and decreasing waiting times. This gives patients more one-on-one attention at affordable cash pricing.

Appointments last up to an hour, ample time to fully explain any health problems and receive the proper hands-on care. This ensures enough time to truly understand problems and explain treatments.

A Better Way: Low Cost Monthly Memberships

In medicine, relationships matter. Membership plans create space for a more personal provider-patient dialogue — one that lets your provider be there for you in your most cherished and most challenging moments. And as the years unfold, you’ll stay right at the center of our practice.