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Fractional RF Max RF

Fractional RF is a form of microneedling or dermal stamping using very tiny needles. It is a much weaker form of radiofrequency delivery & hence is primarily used for treating mild & early acne scars. Laser resurfacing gives better results than nano fractional RF, with similar downtime.

Fractional RF Max RF at a Glance
  • Best Results with clinical revision

  • Treatment Recovery N/A

  • Procedure Time N/A

  • Skin Specialist: Guidance from clinician

  • Duration of Results: Variable

  • Anesthetic N/A

  • Back to Work N/A

Fractional RF Max RF
The Facts to Know
  • This form of fractional energy is nearly 15 years old

  • Devices include Alma Hybrid

  • Fractional RF can improve very mild & early acne scars

  • Newer devices  have replaced fractional RF

  • RF Insulated Microneedling is reserved for very deep & severe acnes scars

What is Fractional RF?

Fractional devices treat a percentage of the skin. This allows for much faster healing times. RF stands for Radio Frequency. This is a gentle way of heating skin to increase collagen & decrease acne scars. RF can be delivered through tiny pins, probes, or deeper needles.

How many treatments would I need?

Typically 4-8. Treatments are spaced 3-8 weeks apart.

When will I see results?

With Max RF Fractional RF, results are much slower compared to other devices such as eMatrix, e2, Genius RFM, Infini RFM & Morpheus 8. The reason is because it is limited in both depth & power. Results are seen after 2-4 sessions, typically 8-12 weeks after starting treatment. Patients will see faster & better results following fractional laser resurfacing.

What is the recovery following fractional RF?

2-4 days depending on the device. Skin recovery following RF treatments typically go through phases.

Immediately after fractional RF: Red dots, slight swelling.

  • Day 1-2: Red dots, swelling decreases.

  • Day 2-4: Dots fading, possibly some mild cruising & scabs.

  • Day 5+: Recovery expected.

  • The downtime for Max RF is about 2-4 days, whilst other more powerful devices such as eMatrix & microneedling RF can be 3-6 days.

What fractional devices do I use for the treatment of acne scars?

I don’t quite like devices like the Max RF & even eMatrix – e2 for the management of acne scars. The reason is that they are much too weak to improvesignificant established acne scarring. Fractional devices like RF microneedling or CO2 lasers deliver much better results, with similar downtime.

I do think that weaker & less invasive RF devices such as the Max RF, eMatrix & e2 should be used for milder scars or early acne scarring (less than 3 months old). The majority of low downtime ‘pin based’ RF treatments have been replaced with fractional TIXEL treatment.

Why is it important to approach acne scarring with a method, & not with a device?

There are many forms of acne scarring, including red scars (macular erythema), atrophic scars, hypertrophic scars & pigmented scars. Each scar typewill have an optimal treatment. We approach acne scarring at a medical level, & not cosmetic. We employ treatments such as lasers, microneedling, RFM, deep peels & over 10 other fractional devices to effectively treat your pattern of acne scarring.

When do we use fractional RF to treat acne scars?

My team & I employ deep fractional RF to treat established, moderate to severe, atrophic acne scars in darker skin types, or when downtime is an issue. 

This form of fractional RF –

  • Is much more powerful

  • Goes 10 X deeper  (if required)

  • Has thermal insulation which protects the upper skin

  • Has impedance control that varies power according to resistance

  • Gives better results with less downtime compared to other devices

How do I maximise the benefits of my skin treatments?

Combining treatment with Low Level Laser Emitting Diodes can speed up recovery. Additionally the use of clinical skin care can help remodel collagen. I advocate the use of retinol, as well as skin care acids, antioxidants & vitamins such as niacinamide & ascorbic acid. Be guided by your skin expert as to the correct combinations for your skin concerns

How do I know what is the best acne scar treatment for me?

Everyone’s scar pattern is unique & everyone will have different skin goals. My clinical team offers FREE consultations to give you the information you need about treatments suitable for your scar type. Much like other less invasive & commercially available treatments, fractional RF can improve mild & early acne scars. There are however, much better treatments that dermatology clinics use. I did use a lot of fractional RF treatments for acne scarring over a decade ago. With newer technology, better results can be achieved with similar downtime.  For early & mild acne scars, my clinical team of nurses can assess, & provide you a treatment plan based upon your acne scar type.

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