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Hair Restoration for Men

Like millions of men around the world, you might have noticed the unwelcome signs of hair loss and balding. Genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress, and other underlying medical issues can cause your follicles to thin and fall out.  Prosper Direct Health is here to help address any hormonal imbalances or insufficiencies that may attribute to your hair loss. Once we discover which hormones are lacking, we can reintroduce them to your body to slow and even reverse your hair loss.

We believe the most effective solution to male hair loss is to create a custom plan that works with your specific blood and body type. Once we create a personalized hair restoration plan just for you we will continue to monitor and adjust as needed. 


The best part is that none of our treatments involve surgery or complicated procedures. 


What Causes Hair Loss?

According to several scientific studies, male pattern baldness and receding hairlines correlate with levels of male sex hormones called androgens.  When levels of androgens like testosterone increase, they can negatively affect the hair follicle and cause its growth phases to shorten. This, in turn, leads to shorter strands of hair that have less strength and volume.

Along with imbalanced hormones, several medical issues such as hypothyroidism can decrease the fullness of your hair. Many other medical concerns, such as adrenal fatigue, go hand-in-hand with hormonal imbalances, which can link to hair loss.

From hereditary reasons to diet and lifestyle, there are many causes of hair loss in men. Here are some of the most common hair loss causes:

  • Genetics

  • Hormonal Changes

  • Excessive Stress

  • Poor Diet

  • Smoking

  • Unstudied Hair Treatments

Hair Restoration Treatments

Whether you have a hormone imbalance, an underlying medical issue, or a genetic predisposition to hair loss, our clinic offers several proven solutions to halt and even reverse hair loss in men.

As you may know, there are so many hair loss treatments advertised everywhere but these treatments never actually look for the root cause of the issue. We work on full body optimization to ensure that your hair treatment is successful. We use science and our expert medical knowledge to create a customized plan to get you where you want to be. 

Some of our effective treatments include:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

  • Injection Therapy

  • Healthy lifestyle guidance

  • Prescriptions creams and foams to promote hair growth 

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Ready to Grow Thicker, Fuller Hair?

At Prosper Direct Health, we customize a treatment plan that meets your  needs and goals.

Contact us Today for a free consultation. 

“I really struggled with weight gain, depression, and loss of interest at work. I was diagnosed with depression but didn’t feel better. I saw Dr. Robinson and he found low t. I had pellets placed and my depression is gone, I’m off depression medications and enjoying work and home again”

- James

Happy, Healthy Patients

“I can’t believe I was doing testosterone injections and living with so many ups and downs. I found out about testosterone pellets from a friend and I would never do injections again.”

- Matt

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