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June Specials!


50% Off PDO Threads!

Cheeks: Only $500
Cheek & Jowl: Only $750
Undereyes: Only $250
Smokers Lines: Only $125
Neck: Only $750
Eyebrows: Only $500

Improve Wrinkles, Boost Collagen and Restore Volume

Unlike other treatments that rely on hyaluronic acid to restore lost volume, biostimulators stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, resulting in natural-looking and long-lasting outcomes.

Sculptra Biostimulator Filler
2 Vials for only



Under Eye Rejuvenation

1/2 Syringe Filler OR PRF Treatment
2 Under Eye Morpheus8 Treatments
Prescription Eye Cream


Package Special Price

Alma Scar Resurfacing

Alma CO2 Hybrid Laser. Laser resurfacing offers patients a dramatic rejuvenation to the skin and is a key treatment for those suffering with deeper scars such as acne scars and aged and sun-damaged skin.


An advanced fractionated carbon dioxide laser is used to treat your skin with a matrix of light.

6 Sessions for only


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Refer a Friend

Our patients LOVE our medical weight loss program... and now it's REWARDING to share the love! Get a free EvolveX Treatment for every friend who signs up for our medical weight loss program.

EvolveX Treatment for


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