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BHRT Pellet Therapy FAQs

At Prosper Direct Health, we offer SottoPelle bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – to help both female and male patients balance declining or deficient hormones and live a better, healthier, longer and more satisfying life.


The subject of hormone replacement therapy can sometimes be complex and confusing – with incorrect or conflicting information available on the internet. Here are answers to some of our patient’s most frequently asked questions about bioidentical hormone replacement pellets.

What causes hormone imbalance?

In women, menopause is the period of life when her reproductive abilities stop. So, her body stops producing the hormones (estrogen) that the body need to conceive and carry child. The average age for menopause onset is right around 50. But menopause can also occur as early as a woman’s late 30’s – or as late as their early 6os. Although more subtle and gradual in men, nature also assumes that men don’t need to be reproducing as they get older. So, a man’s reproductive hormones (testosterone) also begin to decline with age – decreasing by around 1% every year after age thirty.

Why do hormones need to be replaced?


The hormones that support fertility, reproduction and sexual performance in men and women also affect virtually every other aspect of the body, from metabolism and weigh gain, to skin condition, hair loss, bone density and sexual drive. Additionally, hormones protect the body against serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and more.


Replacing hormones provides immediate and lasting relief from the superficial effects of hormone decline, such as mood swings, low energy, hot flashes, hair loss, and sleep problems. But, even more importantly, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can safely and effectively help protect the body from fractured bones, heart and artery disease, type 2 diabetes, and more.


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) effectively addresses the root cause of these complex illnesses and conditions by returning the patient’s body to a state of healthy hormone balance.

What are “bioidentical” hormone replacement pellets?


Originally, hormone replacement therapy was administered by daily pills containing synthetic hormones made in a laboratory. In addition to being inconvenient, these lab-created pills had many unwanted and even dangerous side effects. However, the SottoPelle Method of  “bioidentical” hormone replacement uses 100% natural, plant-derived hormones that are structurally identical to actual human hormones. Bioidentical hormones (including estrogen, and/or testosterone) naturally restore hormone balance, in the same way that the body does when it is functioning properly – safely and without the side-effects of synthetics.

By using tiny time-released “pellets” (smaller than a grain of rice) inserted under the skin, the SottoPelle Method delivers hormones consistently and constantly. This superior method of hormone replacement avoids the inconvenience of daily pills and prevents the roller coaster surges of once-daily delivery.

How do I know if I have a hormone deficiency?


Because hormones affect virtually every aspect of the body, there can be hundreds of symptoms of hormone decline: low energy, loss of sex drive, poor sexual performance, unexplained weight gain, hair loss, mood fluctuations, sleep disorders, and much more.

So, the first step to identifying a hormone deficiency is to schedule a consultation with a certified SottoPelle hormone provider.


A simple blood test will be administered and extensive lab work will be conducted to determine which hormones are reduced or out of balance in your body. After your unique, individual hormone profile has been determined, our doctors will personalize a hormone replacement therapy program customized just for you.

What can bioidentical hormone replacement pellets do for women?


Women’s bioidentical hormone replacement pellets can significantly improve, minimize or eliminate: dry & aging skin; severe or painful menstruation; PMS; ovarian cysts; thinning hair; weight gain; loss of energy; vagina pain or dryness, loss of interest in sex; reduced orgasm or sexual sensation; pain during sex; osteoporosis; risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes; and much more.

What can bioidentical hormone replacement pellets do for men?


Men’s bioidentical hormone replacement pellets can dramatically improve, minimize or eliminate low libido; decreased sexual performance (ED); muscle loss; weight gain (in the belly or breasts); fatigue; insomnia; risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes; and much more.

When will I see results from bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy?


Clinical studies show that most patients will see the effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as soon as ten days to two weeks after pellets are inserted – often with a dramatic decrease in their symptoms. However, anecdotally, we have had patients report increased sex drive, better sleep, and improved energy and mood in as little as just a few days.

How long do bioidentical hormone replacement pellets last?


One BHRT pellet insertion can last up to five months in women and up to six months in men. And there are no daily pills to remember, no painful injections, no messy creams to apply, and no patches to replace. A bioidentical hormone replacement pellet appointment only takes about 20 minutes – and you can forget about hormone replacement for several months!

Could Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellets be Right for Me?


If you are experiencing unexplained health problems or symptoms, a decrease or imbalance in your body’s hormone production may be the underlying cause. But the SottoPelle Method of bioidentical hormone replacement, could be the fast, convenient, easy and highly effective solution to help you live an energetic, healthy, intimate and satisfying life once again!

For more information on the benefits of SottoPelle Method Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, or to schedule personalized blood testing to see if SottoPelle pellets can help you, book an appointment at our office today. 

“I’ve been losing an average of 2-3 pounds per week. I never feel super hungry or like I’m starving myself, like I did on other programs”

- Greg

Happy, Healthy Patients

“The 1:1 coaching has been very benefitial on keeping me accountable. I’ve lost 18 pounds and am nearing my goal. I couldn’t be more satisfied!”

- Jenna

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