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Services and Treatments

Scar skin care

Acne Scars Skin Care

Skin care at home can help reduce acne & pigmentation, as well as improve collagen. Simple & precise skin care products can lay the foundation for improved skin- for life. The ABC’s of skin care, coupled with antioxidants, skin care acids & collagen boosters can complement scar revision procedures.

Age Spot Treatments

Age Spot Treatments

Age spots are due to both chronological ageing & sun exposure. This form of pigmentation can be resistant to normal lasers, however can be treated with special types of lasers including nano, pico & ablative laser resurfacing. The best method depends on the type of age spot & your background skin colour.

Anti Wrinkle Creams

Anti-Wrinkle Creams

The holy grail is a cream to take away wrinkles around the eyes, frown lines, forehead & upper lips. Unfortunately, there are no magic creams, however there are proven skin care ingredients that can treat mild wrinkling & prevent wrinkles. Skin care can be incorporated with procedures for synergistic results.

Body Contouring Laser Treatments

Body Contouring

Body contouring refers to a variety of cosmetic procedures aimed at altering the shape, contours, and overall appearance of the body. These procedures are often used to address stubborn pockets of fat, loose or excess skin, and other aesthetic concerns that may not respond to diet and exercise alone.

Chest Neck & Décolletage Solutions


High UV index accelerates photo aging of the chest, décolletage & neck areas. Skin aging in these areas can present as pigmentation, loose skin, wrinkles, redness and uneven skin texture. Treatments are aimed at treating individual problems. I use a variety of lasers to accomplish an even blend & rejuvenate your skin.

dark circle treatments

Dark Circles - Eye Rejuvenation

This common skin concern is one of the most complex entities dermatologists deal with as there are many causes of dark circles. In some cases, treatments can be straightforward – dermal filler is an example. In others, it is complex, namely the exclusion of allergens & irritants. Read more for an accurate guide as to how I approach dark circles– understanding the causes will lead to effective solutions.

FaceTite Liposuction

Double Chin Treatments

Double Chin Treatments or submental fat is due to genetics, weight gain & age. Though the problem is easy to visualise, the optimal treatment may be complex. My algorithm encompasses non-surgical procedures including fat dissolving injections, dermal fillers, HIFU energy devices, RF skin tightening, Coolsculpting as well as surgical techniques such as liposuction.

Fillers for Eye Bags

Eye Bags Treatment

Under eye bags are often associated with dark circles. Simple treatments include skin tightening & dermal fillers. If one addresses the cause/s of the pathology, the results are predictable. Skin laxity can be treated with lasers & energy devices. Eye creams offer marginal benefits.

Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

Eye Rejuvenation

The eye area is the number one area to rejuvenate, as this is the point of first contact. Approach eye rejuvenation by addressing skin quality, tone & volume. I use a variety of methods including lasers, skin tightening devices, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels & clinical skin care to turn back time.

alma hybrid laser


Fractional laser resurfacing can improve most types of acne scars. 2-5 sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart is a typical program. My team and I employ 10 different types of fractional lasers in order to match the scar type, your skin color & projected recovery. This gives you the best possible results whilst reducing side effects and recovery time.

Facial Laxity Treatment

Facial Laxity

The ideal facelifting or skin tightening treatment depends on many factors including the degree of laxity, the amount of background sun damage, your age, dermal thickness, lower face volume, ethnicity, lifestyle, downtime, budget & expectations. I employ surgical as well as non-surgical procedures to lift the face, neck, & eyelids.

Facial Laxity Treatment

Facial Veins

Facial veins are a common dermatological condition. They increase with age. Conditions such as rosacea & chronic UV exposure are causative factors. Lasers provide a simple, effective & safe avenue for treating vascular spots, thread & spider veins.

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