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Integrative Primary Care

Doctor and Patient
Affordable, convenient, and personalized care from your healthcare provider giving you peace of mind for your whole family. 

How is Prosper Direct Health Different?

Every Annual Membership Includes:

Unlimited visits with your practitioner that are as long as needed.
Skip the pharmacy, we have medications in office 
No Co-Pays or Deductibles, no surprise bills. 
Wholesale labs, medications and imaging to save you money
Flexible scheduling with little to no wait times
24/7 access to your practitioner via virtual visits, text, email or video
Focused on proactive wellness, not sick care
Comprehensive care
Membership Rates

One Membership = Unlimited Care

Ages 16-26

Family Discounts

Ages 26+

plus 10% OFF
Additional Family Members

How It Works


Schedule a Consultation


Discuss concerns and obtain labs if needed.


Start your Personalized Treatment Plan

Contact Us Today to Get Started

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