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Get the Skin You Always Wanted with Lumecca IPL

If sun damage or age spots affect your confidence, Lumecca might be the perfect answer. Prosper Health Direct in Sioux City, IA offers Lumecca treatments for patients to boost their complexion and skin clarity. Lumecca uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat problem areas quickly and effectively. Using photothermolysis, the comfortable light treatment provides a confidence-boosting photofacial. Lumecca delivers up to three times more energy in the 500-600 nm range for outstanding results. In just one to three sessions, patients see drastic results. Contact us for a consultation.

Intense pulse light (IPL) therapy is one of the few treatment options that can rejuvenate your skin safely and effectively. It can treat vascular and pigment problems on the face, legs, arms and other areas of the body where traditional treatment options aren’t ideal.

What is Lumecca IPL?

The basic principle behind IPL therapy is that it uses high-energy pulses of light that travels through healthy layers of the skin. The light is converted to heat when it hits certain tissues, which in turn causes damage to that type of tissue. Depending on the area that needs to be treated and the type of tissue, different lenses may be put over the Lumecca IPL. This allows it to target certain areas of the skin with a high amount of precision.

Lumecca IPL therapy is great for tackling tough dermatological issues that other methods can’t without severe side effects. This same technology can be used to destroy cells as well as encourage the healthy growth of new skin cells in the lower layers of the skin.

Benefits of Lumecca Laser Treatment

One of the most significant benefits of Lumecca treatments is the tip of the machine is made of sapphire to offer a cooling sensation, eliminating the need for topical numbing. Other benefits of Lumecca treatment includes:

  • Improves skin tone

  • Decreases hyperpigmentation

  • Addresses sun damage

  • Decreases spider veins

  • Reduces facial redness

  • Reduces the appearance of freckles

  • Removes vascular lesions, including port wine stains and spider angiomas

What Makes Lumecca IPL Therapy Different?

Compared to other types of IPL systems, Lumecca IPL therapy is more advanced. There is no pain in the treatment. It takes less time to undergo one treatment with the Lumecca IPL system than it does other systems. You may see complete rejuvenation in as little as one to two treatments, which means that it works quickly when in the hands of an expert.

These advantages are a direct result of how Lumecca IPL works. It uses a larger amount of wavelengths in the 500nm to 700nm range, which in turn allows for it to encourage regeneration of healthy cells while promoting your body’s natural ability to remove imperfections.

How Does Lumecca IPL Work?

IPL treatments are relatively simple and completely safe when a trained professional administers them. Before undergoing treatment, it’s important to avoid sun exposure. UV rays could damage the skin in ways that would cause unpredictable results with the IPL treatment.

When you begin your Lumecca IPL therapy, we will apply the smooth head of the device to your skin. The device will be turned on to allow pulses of light to rejuvenate your skin. The length of your session will depend upon the areas being treated and how large those areas are. Some areas can take less than 20 minutes to treat while others can take upwards of an hour. You may have to repeat this treatment one or two more times before you see complete rejuvenation in your skin.

Who Should Undergo Lumecca IPL?

All age and ethnic groups are considered ideal for Lumecca IPL treatment. Middle-aged people between 30 and 50 will likely find the most benefit from IPL treatment due to the number of skin conditions that tend to accompany these age groups.

If you’re interested in the skin rejuvenating effects of Lumecca IPL therapy, Prosper Health and Aesthetics in Sioux City, Iowa can help. We’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs.


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